From A6300 to A6600. Is it worth it?

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Re: From A6300 to A6600. Is it worth it?

I also have an A7RIII which I use only for twilight shoots. I'm 80 years old and the A7RIII with the 12-24 lens + flash gets quite heavy for lugging around extensive day shoots. That's one reason I want to stay with the lighter gear A6XXX + 10-18 lens.

That's good to know. Probably would have helped mentioning that in the original post so we could better help you.

I had an a6300 (got destroyed on a job) and have been shooting with an a6500 for the last year and a half, along with the Sony 10-18 f/4.

The combination has been pretty good (despite the erognomic issues I outlined earlier). For architecture I don't really see how the a6600 would really be an upgrade.

While the a6600 has lots of advantages over the a6300, I think you would notice them most if you are shooting things that require better AF tracking (the a6300 and a6500 are no slouch at AF, just check out ZackieDog's bird-in-flight photos for confirmation of that since he shoots on an a6300). or the front-facing screen, or better jpg colors. The a6600 is also supposed to have better ergonomics and better battery life, but then you won't be able to use the batteries you already have for your a6300 since the a6600 takes a different battery.

On the other hand, the a6600 also does have IBIS so that can be quite helpful. I know a lot of people say that IBIS is "terrible" on sony cameras, but I have found that I can get about a two-stop benefit pretty consistently using IBIS. Your mileage may vary.

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