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I might have to agree with what barry is saying. The title, as many titles are here not relevant, corny, and can seem racist even when it's not the intention.

There is a tremendous difference between corny and rascist. IMO, the title is relevant as I explained, that it represents action and reaction. So what is racist Mke?

I didn't say it was racist but it can be perceived that way.

I live in NYC, a mutlicultural world. Walking around, I photograph many ethnicities. That's what makes street photography here so vibrant. It didn't even occur to me that I was photographing an Asian family so much as seeing a scenario that I identified with. With all the photos I've posted here, to identify me as a racist is a grievous insult and a personal attack.

You photograph in a similar world as I do Mike. Frankly, I"m kind of shocked that you have the perception that this might be construed as racist. Street photography records what we see on the street. I could probably pick apart 5 out of 10 street photos here and make a false case that they are somehow racist, in one way or another. Someone who is that sensitive and an absolute adherent of political correctness IMO is best advised not be doing street photography.


The perception lies with the title that you assigned to it. If you can't see how someone would take that the wrong way I have nothing else to say you here. Even before the first comment was posted I thought to myself what the hell is with that title. Those two photos are a weak example of the title that took you too long to explain. I don't title my street photography to leave out the confusion, misperception and all the other crap that comes with insipid titles.

We agree to disagree.  To me, titling is part of the creative process, and there is an art to titling.  Others prefer not to use them.  If you follow my work, there's a playfulness and irony in some of my photos as I had hoped was suggested by the title.  Sorry this title didn't work for you.  Photography to some is all serious business.

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