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Re: I finally got it

lightmeter wrote:

Well, if you've got it, don't get too close to me....just kidding. l felt the same way about phone photography as you did. But now l understand if your phone takes good pics and you don't want to carry a camera, why not? As for me, l've never had a phone that takes good pics. Probably because l won't spend more than about 200usd on a smartphone because they're disposable. You only keep a phone for 2-4 years. And l'm afraid to trade it in or sell an old phone because someone else could get my personal info, so l destroy my old phones.

Not to get off topic, but at least with iPhones, it’s very easy to securely erase your personal data, and the resale value is also decent (try www.swappa.com). I’m sure the same applies to Android phones. You might be throwing away good money!


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