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Re: Sony ergonomics, menu system, controls and colors ...

Ergonomics - a small camera can be made bigger but a big camera can not be made smaller. Most do not even need a grip. Add a grip if having grizzly size hands. 

Menu systems - Sony offer lots of options missing from the competition. Just set up MyMenu and the fn-button and the menu system becomes better than what the competition offer. Would rather have options and the possibility to set up a camera to fit personal style than having a limited menu system. Sony is different, something still not grasped by some. 

Controls - just use them. Works fine once adapted. Use Canon and Sony cameras and actually find the Sony camera more comfortable to use in the dark. In broad daylight one is as good as the other. If not willing to learn (rigid, stubborn, plain stupid) just stay with your existing system - and never change an iota. 

Colors - well, out of camera JPGs are very good but does not please all. Prefer Sony color to Canon color here. Others see colors different. RAW is a matter of which converter is used anyway, so that is not relevant on this one. 

Seems like Sony is a well beloved system and actual users are generally satisfied. Actually very satisfied!

Until recently they were not even in the camera business and now they have disrupted the entire market and created new business opportunities all over the place. What did the competition do - they just made the same product over and over again - no innovation and no drive - just stagnating and protecting their own buisiness model.

After all Nikon and Canon were expected to (according to quite a few eager fans) kill Sony with superior products - and the competition still lag severely behind...

And finally - where are all those leaving Sony? Not to be found in the financial reports...

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