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Marty4650 wrote:

It really has been a long time. I hope you are doing well.

I think most amateur photographers also own a smartphone, even though you might be in the minority who don't. So this really isn't an either/or proposition. They now have two photographic tools they can use, and they can use each based on it's own strengths, and the level of quality required for a photo.

The "real camera" is a better imaging device. In every way imaginable. And it will get used for their most important work. But the smartphone image quality has now become very good for casual photography.

Since you don't own one yet, let me tell you what you have missed. At first, smartphone cameras were pretty horrid, making them only usable for documenting things. Still useful, but nothing a photo enthusiast would want for their only camera.

But over the years they kept getting better, mostly due to computational tricks since the sensor is still small and the optics are still limited. The Pixel 3a has one of the best cameras in any smartphone. Even though the Pixel 3a is a mid range phone ($400) it has the exact same camera as the flagship Pixel 3 ($800). It seems Google left this feature intact while cutting other features from their flagship phone (slightly slower processor, plastic case, not waterproof, etc.)

I'm like you Dave. Whenever I leave the house I have a camera with me. I have no plans to stop using my Olympus EM1, Panasonic GX85, or Panasonic LX100. I just realized I will be using them a bit less, and using my phone a bit more, because the phone's image quality is certainly good enough for many types of shooting.

And previously I never thought that would be possible.

Marty, we're in 100 percent agreement!!!
I too use to disparage cell phone camera - But I see some of the images posted here, even posted at a large size, and their not that bad... 

So, yeah, I too have to eat crow!

(Good thing no one can see my posts about this from 2003)

I was just thinking about you when I read this post. Poor Chato died at the age of 14, if I recall, he really liked you when you met him. Unusual.

(I have the power    )

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