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Chato wrote:

Lee Jay wrote:

Marty4650 wrote:

I still don't think anyone will be using a smartphone to shoot a wedding, for commercial photography, for sports/action photography, or for fashion photography, but this device is now the ideal choice for travel photography, vacation photography, family photography, or for casual snapshots.

I regularly use a focal length range of 8mm fisheye (sometimes panoramas using the fisheye) through 400mm equivalent or more for family and travel photography. I have used over 1200mm equivalent for that.

I could never be happy with 28mm equivalent for much of anything. Without focal length range photography is as much fun for me as oral surgery. If I were stuck with a single prime, I'd rather not shoot at all.

You may not agree, but the fact remains... a lot of people are perfectly happy with their smartphone cameras, and new camera sales are feeling the pressure of that.

I don't care about "a lot of people" as I'm not them - I'm an enthusiast. I actually care about this stuff.

Two examples (of hundreds) from a recent trip.

My wife's Galaxy S8:




Marty is an enthusiast as well.

What's he's saying us that most of us often just take "snapshots" of where we happen to be or something we happen to notice, and that the modern cell phone cameras do just fine in those situations.

I'm "disinterested" because I don't even own a cell phone. So, I think I can be objective, even though I ALWAYS carry a real camera around with me...

Hi Dave,

I have similar thoughts about phone cameras, certainly good for those that are satisfied with the properties of phone cameras. I have no problem with that. I hope all the phone camera "enthusiasts" respect that everybody do NOT like the phone cameras and the usability of phone cameras.

Personally I see no reason to use a "smartphone" (using just a simple phone). For me the ergonomics, the "fiddling" with program levels  and uncertain working of touch screens makes a phone camera more or less worthless.

For me the dedicated keys of a real camera, the zoom range, the ease of use, and other properties makes a real camera absolutely superior.


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