Sony ergonomics, menu system, controls and colors ...

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Re: Sony ergonomics, menu system, controls and colors ...


seems like I read quite a number of threads where folks jump ship from Sony for those specific 4 items.

if Sony can be a leader in such hi tech areas as sensor development and eye focus , why cant they get the hand grip, portrait color science and an intuitive menu system right ???

They got the hand grip right with the latest generation A7 and A9, I've tried the R4 and it felt great, not as good as the EOS R but imo better than the Nikon Z, the buttons also felt great and way more logically placed than the EOS R.

They got the color science right with the Venice color science which when compared to Canon I actually found myself preferring the Venice color science most of the times. So Sony definitely know how to get great colors and skin tones, it's just that for some reason they're not putting it in their alpha cameras.

As for the menu thing, I actually found it way better than Nikon, and over time I got used to it.

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