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vzlnc wrote:

Also, factor in that people's tastes have been spoiled by using phones for viewing and taking pics. On the small screens ppl dont really notice the shortcomings of the images.

Blurry, OOF, grainy, overprocessed, detail-less images are shared and liked and have become normalized. Many people have actually forgotten that optical zoom exists and what a difference it makes. Recently I was explaining this to a friend who has a D3300 he doesnt use. He never bothered to see what his D3300 can do and uses his iphone for family pics mainly.

Also, to the huge majority of people, pics only mean snaps they take at a function or get-together and as long as they can convey to the social media that they are having fun, and that they are awesome, the actual technical quality of the image is irrelevant. 99% or pics taken today are probably selfies. That itself precludes any kind of proper camera.

Quite the contrary. The latest generation of smartphones performs well enough that serious photographers can take them seriously with good results.

You've created a straw-man argument comparing a cliche ... the grainy snapshots kids make fo themselves having fun ... to a so-called 'proper' camera,. You set this up as a false choice ... smartphone vs 'proper camera'. Neither is useful in responding to the OP.

The actual question addressed by the OP is whether a smartphone adds value to an existing kit. The answer should be based what experienced photographers can do with the equipment at their disposal. Everyone needs to answer that for themselves. In this case, the OP gives a positive answer which has been my experience as well. Others have different needs and might answer it differently.

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