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I think you're missing the point

nevada5 wrote:

Marty4650 wrote:

I think the real "revolution" here is that people stopped buying more camera than they really needed once the smartphone camera became good enough for most everyday uses.

The end use is always the determining factor. "Good enough" is suitable for a whole lot of people and they'd be foolish to buy a dedicated camera for images destined for posting online or viewing on a phone or tablet.

The dedicated camera has left the mass market and become a specialty device. And a very good one at that, but one that most people don't need very often. And that is a problem that the camera makers may never be able to solve. And this also explains why the overall market for dedicated cameras keeps shrinking, despite the fact that they keep getting better. In some ways.... quite a bit better.

People really didn't want better.

I do. And I'm a people.

They just wanted more convenient, with sufficient image quality for the task. So much so that they were willing to sacrifice versatility, best image quality and ergonomics to get it.

You may not agree, but the fact remains... a lot of people are perfectly happy with their smartphone cameras, and new camera sales are feeling the pressure of that.

If it works for you, that's what you should use.

The annoying part of (many of) these daily threads is people find that they can use their phone to meet their needs and the implication is usually that the rest of us are foolish for not dumping our cumbersome cameras. I don't know how that part of it is different from "I used Canon for years and now I see how Nikon is superior - you're an idiot for not switching too."

I think the point the OP was making is that if cell phones are good enough for enthusiasts to use more and more, he can understand why the casual snapshooter would not bother with a dedicated camera at all.  Something he disregarded before he actually used a current generation cell phone camera.

Live and let live. Nothing's changed except that you found that you can use your phone more and your camera less. Enjoy the day!

Again, I see the OP differently.  He's suggesting that after actually using gear he disparaged in the past, he actually saw the benefits of it.  It's a rare thing on DPR for people to admit they were wrong about something without having practical experience.  I don't think he was suggesting he's selling his dedicated gear.  Just that he now has a better appreciation for how the cell phone market could be eating up the casual shooter portion of the buying market.

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