Some Birding Rarities and Treats on a Good Day (12/2/19)

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Some Birding Rarities and Treats on a Good Day (12/2/19)

Had a very busy Thanksgiving weekend and missed out on posting my next wildlife photo thread in my typical 3-4 day pattern...don't want to fall too far back, though I took no wildlife photos this past weekend and won't be taking any next weekend either (I'll be at Disney World) I should stay pretty good on track.

The following shots were taken on November 2nd, at Green Cay Wetlands.  It ended up being a pretty good day for spotting a few rare or first-time birds, plus some of the species most local birders hope to see and shoot on a day out in the wetlands.  Wakodahatchee Wetlands was closed for 2 weeks so I stuck to just the one park - fortunately, there was enough to shoot and it stayed a pretty nice day.  All shots taken with the A6300 and FE100-400mm GM combo as usual, and all are posted at 1400 pixels on the long-side if you click the originals:

A glossy ibis, hanging out in the shallows with his reflection

A cool little metallic green sweat bee, gathering up a flower's pollen

Something new!  I love getting new species of birds - and it's getting harder when you have been doing this a while.  But I got lucky and captured this juvenile male scarlet tanager.  First time sighting and shooting one!

Another bird in the shallows with his reflection - this time a great egret

Mr. Pink.  No, not Steve Buscemi...the roseate spoonbill standing up on his crag

Turning to his left to get his good side in the sun

For the third post, and third weekend, in a row - an American bittern.  This one was so busy hunting in the reeds that he didn't mind being within 8 feet of me - though he refused to stand out fully in the open so I was always shooting through the leaves and reeds

I do love their colors and patterns though - such great camouflage for the dappled shadow and light in the tall brownish reeds, though when the reeds are more green, they stand out a little bit!

It's been a while since I got decently close to a belted kingfisher - all year they've been flying around chattering, but always 50-100 feet away.  This one was flying about 50 feet away as well...

But luckily, his flight path took him towards me, rather than away - he was headed to a nice tall dead tree to perch on lookout for fish below

Once he got to his perch, he stuck up his head feathers and let out a few calls to let other kingfishers know this was HIS fishing spot

Back into the pine forests to find some of the migrators and wintering birds - like this black-and-white warbler working his way down a tree branch, looking for larvae shoved into the holes

The lovely yellow-throated warbler, also working the pine trees for some bugs, and flashing that namesake yellow throat

And now, something you don't see out in the open very often.  This whip-poor-will, a member of the nightjar family, is usually very well hidden during the day, sleeping off the light and waiting for nightfall to go hunting.  But this one chose to nap on a palm frond in a fairly conspicuous spot!

I generally get to see either a whip-poor-will, or their cousin, the chuck-will's-widow, about once every 2-3 years.  Rarely are they this out in the open too.  But you'll be seeing this fella again in future threads - as I encountered him for 3 straight weeks, in two different spots...quite the treat this year!

Comments, questions, and critique welcomed as always!

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