Suitable Mac Upgrade for Use w/ Photos and 60k photos

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Re: Suitable Mac Upgrade for Use w/ Photos and 60k photos

Andy Hewitt wrote:


My collection of images is similar, 55,000 images, at nearly 600GB. But I can't use Apple Photos, it can't handle that size of catalogue, or too many Raw files. The catalogue file is far too fragile, in my experience, and crashes a lot, until it becomes completely unusable. I even tested a fresh import a couple of weeks ago, and only got a few thousand imported before it failed.

Although I continue to search for alternatives (don't really like the subscription, but in reality it is extremely good value), I'm using the Adobe Lightroom plan, which is mature and stable, and handles all files thrown at it (HEIC, all Raws, TIFFs JPEGs PNGs and so on). Can't say about Live images, I never use it now, as I just hated that as a format. Indeed I tend to use the Lightroom camera on my iPhone as it allows me to shoot in DNG (Raw) format, which I prefer over the gimmicky live mode.

Looks like you're prepared to spend a lot of money on the hardware, so what's $10/mth in reality (not even a cup of coffee at Starbucks per week).

All the best.

That is my biggest fear.  When we come back from vacation, we spend days processing photos. On my old Mac Pro w/ High Sierra, our edit session gradually lags behind as we go from photo to photo until it crashes. If we re-launch Photos once in a while, or even reboot the Mac, that helps. We are not pros but serious amateur photographers. At times, we do like live photos for long exposures for things like waterfalls/streams when we don't have a tripod. If Photos become totally intolerable, I probably have to use Photos for changing the Live photos / Portrait or do it on the iPhone/iPad and then import it to LR.  We also have short video clips mixed in also. Without those formats, I have a relatively fast Laptop to use LR. The problem is all the information we tag and create albums is lost or has to be redone. I am also not sure my wife likes to lose the ease of use of Photos than LR. LR is not a problem for me. Sad to say, Apple has not been good in resolving bugs on the Mac SW like they have in the past. These crashes has been there for years.

For others, I really like the iMac, but there are some advantages with the portability of the MBP. Maybe when my old iMac dies, used for general computing and external monitor, we'll upgrade it.


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