Aspect Ratios on Olympus cameras vs Panasonic?

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Re: Aspect Ratios on Olympus cameras vs Panasonic?

Andrew Mitchell wrote:

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Andrew Mitchell wrote:

I am thinking of buying my first M43 camera. My 2010 Sony A55 is on its last legs, and I’m getting a bit bored with the constant 28mm of my Fuji X70 (although I still use it).

It is a toss up between the older Olympus EM10 Mark 3, or the newer Panasonic GX9. I have not decided on a lens yet, but I’m more comfortable with primes than cheap zooms.

On M43 land, you might find quite many low cost consumer grade zoom lenses are having outstanding IQ not far from prime lenses, or to the premium/pro zoom lenses.

Would you care to expand on this? I’ve been looking at Panasonic lenses, but know nothing about Olympus lenses at all. (I know the lenses are cross usable, but for aesthetic purposes would want Oly on Oly.) Thanks

That "prime quality consumer grade zoom" thing is an exaggeration. There are good and cheap zooms out there, that offer good sharpness in the center but fall off to the corners. Stopping down will improve the corners but often degrade center (diffraction).

"Prime Quality" usually means great corner sharpness even wide open. And that's something you sometimes don't get even with pro zooms.

Another issue with basically every zoom is (strong) field curvature, a thing prime lenses can correct better.

I own the Panasonic Lumix 12-60 and think it is quite good. But for landscapes I use it at f8 to get less noticable fall off towards the edges. I wouldn't say it has prime quality. At the long end it gets worse, and that's also true for its expensive sibling, the Leica 12-60.

In short: You won't get prime quality with zooms over the whole zoom range, especially not for cheap zoom lenses.

With the sales that are on at the moment, the Olympus is very, very competitively priced, even though my gut favors the Panasonic.

For better or worse, my favorite aspect ratio has always been 16:9 for stills (I don’t shoot much video).

My question is this: Is there any difference between the 2 cameras when shooting in 16:9? In Panasonic’s literature, 16:9 is listed as an option, but this is not the case with the Olympus, hence the question.

Should be the same. IIRC Panny and Oly cameras are all support 4:3 (native full resolution format), 3:2, 16:9, 1:1 etc aspect ratio still shooting.

However, if you will shoot 16:9 mostly, it is worth to mention that the most usual complaint on the SMALL evf of GX9 will no longer valid to you.

GX9 has an evf of 0.7x magnification, but the display is on 16:9 aspect ratio. Hence, if we shoot at full resolution (20Mp on GX9), both sides of the 16:9 evf will be black out which will effectively reduce the actual usable area of the evf to approximately 0.52x. So many people will find the evf actually small.

EM10.3 has en evf of 0.62x magnification on native 4:3 format. Such that when shooting on full resolution, it is larger than that of GX9 on 4:3.

Source: DPR, review of GX7

From above, you should expect the 0.62x evf of EM10.3 be slightly smaller than the 0.63x ovf of D7100. If you shoot GX9 at 16:9, likely you can use the entire evf of GX9, (GX9, GX85 and GX7 use the same evf).


Any help would be most welcome. Thanks

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