Color space for Benq pd3200u in photoshop

Started Dec 2, 2019 | Discussions thread
OP VasilisT New Member • Posts: 24
Re: Color space for Benq pd3200u in photoshop

Ken60 wrote:

So . the question .... what monitor profile are you working with ?

If you set it to a wider gamut , will you notice a difference then ?

But I dont have a wider gamut. sRGB is the 100% gamut on this monitor.

Let me get it right cause I am confused.

1. I havea monitor that is capable of 100% sRGB and 73% aRGB.

2. So as long as I am into publishing for screens/mobile etc. and with a monitor capable of 100% sRGB I am good to go.

3. I should calibrate it (which i haven't done yet) based on sRGB gamut and I should edit in Photoshop with the working space set in sRGB, isn't it?

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