Capture One- can it do this?

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Re: Capture One- can it do this?

David1961 wrote:

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David1961 wrote:

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When I take tourist photos, I have lots of tourists in my pics of course! I'd like software which can remove ALL the people I find.

This is probably impossible. The camera can't record what's hidden behind the tourists (or anything else for that matter).

Photoshop Elements has feature called PhotoMerge Scene Cleaner.

From a series of photos you can remove moving people, moving vehicles or just about any other moving objects.

[One of the things that irritates me about Adobe is that this feature isn't available in Photoshop, so the big program needs its baby brother as a supplement]

I am a PSE user, and not PS. But I would imagine you should be able to replicate reasonably easily what PSE does.

  1. Open each image as a separate layer.
  2. Align the layers
  3. Use layer masks to mask out the bits you don't want.

It might be a bit fiddly to get the layers in the right order to mask out all the unwanted bits.

As soon as there are finely cut details at the edge it is or than "a bit" fiddly getting the masks right as well as the order. If it were that easy I wouldn't miss what PSE offers.

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