Aspect Ratios on Olympus cameras vs Panasonic?

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Re: Aspect Ratios on Olympus cameras vs Panasonic?

Andrew Mitchell wrote:

Dutch Newchurch wrote:

As an aside, the E-M10 mk ii is generally regarded as better for still photography than the mk iii (as well as being, now, less expensive). The mk iii is better for video.

Thanks for the information. However, I’m the sort of person who buys things infrequently, but likes the latest and best when I do. That’s one of the reasons the Panasonic was more attractive than the Olympus, ‘cos it’s newer. (Although I think the Olympus is a much prettier camera.) But the Mark 3 is 50% cheaper than the GX9, which is hard to ignore.

The Mark 2 seems to be about the same price as the Mark 3, which makes it a difficult sell.

It's down to the controls. Slightly fewer still photography options with the mk iii.

If you're interested in the detail, I suggest you post a new question.

Of course you pay a premium for the latest (and it's not always 'best', or even 'suitable for the need').

I bought my first DSLR as a cheap discontinued model because I simply did not know what I needed and thought I'd use it as an extended experiment to find out.

Three replacements were then expensive 'latest' models.  The technology was moving fast, but the third replacement gave me pretty much what I wanted (OM-D E-M5.1).  Three later mirrorless cameras have all been inexpensive second-hand models.  The technology has now moved ahead of my needs.

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