From A6300 to A6600. Is it worth it?

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Re: From A6300 to A6600. Is it worth it?

a7iii is what it is, a pseudo milc dslr with little advantage over the a6600 in any area...

"Advantage" is kind of in the eye of the beholder...

For me, the advantages of an a7 III over the a6600 (or my current a6500) would be:

FAR better ergonomics (don't know how many times I have wanted to throw my a6500 in the garbage due to the ergonomics).

Center EVF (using a rangefinder style EVF when you are left-eye dominant is a royal pain in the keister).

Faster shutter sync speed

Faster max shutter

AF joystick

About 1.5 to 2 stops better dynamic range in video

Dual Card Slots

Better IBIS

There are other reasons too but can't think of them now since it is almost 4:00 in the morning (just finished sending off a bunch of images to a client).

I know you like the rangefinder style of the a6X00 series, but what some people will pay for, others will pay to avoid.

I miss the ergonomics of my D750.

But truth be told, I am much more likely to get a Panasonic S1 than an a7 III due to the significantly better video options, the even better IBIS, the even better flash sync speed (1/320th of a second), better UI and better ergonomics.

I won't buy anything though until spring and the camera shows and maybe we will have a better idea what the likes of Sony, Panaonic, and Fuji will release.

Till then, still chugging along with my a6500 and just cursing every time my clients are out of ear shot.

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