Aspect Ratios on Olympus cameras vs Panasonic?

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Re: Aspect Ratios on Olympus cameras vs Panasonic?

Guy Parsons wrote:

Andrew Mitchell wrote:

Dutch Newchurch wrote:

As an aside, the E-M10 mk ii is generally regarded as better for still photography than the mk iii (as well as being, now, less expensive). The mk iii is better for video.

Thanks for the information. However, I’m the sort of person who buys things infrequently, but likes the latest and best when I do. That’s one of the reasons the Panasonic was more attractive than the Olympus, ‘cos it’s newer. (Although I think the Olympus is a much prettier camera.) But the Mark 3 is 50% cheaper than the GX9, which is hard to ignore.

The Mark 2 seems to be about the same price as the Mark 3, which makes it a difficult sell.

The Mk3 of course has the next generation image processing chip after the Mk2 has but the difference in performance is now slight. It gets down to the user now as to how good the results will be.

It's down to the controls. Slightly fewer still photography options with the mk iii.

If you're interested in the detail, I suggest you post a new question.

By the way, have you handled both cameras to see which feels best for you? That's a big part of using a camera, it must feel right.

Surely down Bo'ai Road there's a few chances to play with a camera. (I was in Taiwan last year).

Ha! I’ve been buying cameras there for over 30 years! But, sadly, it is now only a fraction of what it used to be. Over 70% of the shops are no longer there. They started disappearing about 10 years ago.

I have not held either Olympus, as up until today I had been focusing more on the GX9. A good suggestion obviously.

Regards.... Guy

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Andrew (Brit expat in Taipei, Taiwan since 1985)

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