How to edit or shoot like this? (Amazing photos)

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Re: How to edit or shoot like this? (Amazing photos)

jimhughes wrote:

It's a matter of opinion and we can only guess at the processing.

Here's my shot at it: These are what I call "HDR Lite", there's been some dynamic range compression. Too much for my liking, although not totally over the top. The histogram endpoints have been set pretty well Some boosting of saturation, and maybe a slightly bluish WB and/or selective color shifting on the 3rd one; the last one has a magenta cast which doesn't look right. Dark vignetting doesn't do much for me, feels crowded. The vignetting, and some boosting of large-scale contrast by something like a "clarity" adjustment, are an attempt to add drama.

The average person will reliably say "wow" "awesome" or "amazing" in response to this sort of photo.

Just my opinions. Obviously many people like this sort of thing and that's totally ok.

I agree with all that, and would add some very heavy handed dodging and burning.

Not too hard to learn to do in light room and Photoshop if you are so inclined.

Photos like that are less about how the picture was taken, more about how much it was attacked in post processing.

I quite like all of them apart from the last, the magenta tint is just weird.

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