Aspect Ratios on Olympus cameras vs Panasonic?

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Re: Aspect Ratios on Olympus cameras vs Panasonic?

Andrew Mitchell wrote:

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Andrew Mitchell wrote:

I am thinking of buying my first M43 camera. My 2010 Sony A55 is on its last legs, and I’m getting a bit bored with the constant 28mm of my Fuji X70 (although I still use it).

It is a toss up between the older Olympus EM10 Mark 3, or the newer Panasonic GX9. I have not decided on a lens yet, but I’m more comfortable with primes than cheap zooms. With the sales that are on at the moment, the Olympus is very, very competitively priced, even though my gut favors the Panasonic.

For better or worse, my favorite aspect ratio has always been 16:9 for stills (I don’t shoot much video).

My question is this: Is there any difference between the 2 cameras when shooting in 16:9? In Panasonic’s literature, 16:9 is listed as an option, but this is not the case with the Olympus, hence the question.

Any help would be most welcome. Thanks

I understood that Panasonic use oversized sensors on some of its camera to use the total image circle in different aspect ratios. They put a 2.2 crop on the LX100 to do this and keep the lens small but I understood they oversized the sensors in m43 to give this same facility.

Possibly someone can confirm. I would think Olympus just crop the 4/3 image.

Panasonic seems the best for this ratio in this respect though it seems to be GH line.

You’ve managed to write my question far better than I did! You hit the nail right on the head! Thank you.

Panasonic MFT cameras do not have a "multi-aspect sensor"* so just crop the image. If you shoot in 16:9 the raw file is still 4:3 full image.

The GX9 definitely crops to the selected ratio.

* Maybe one of the GH cameras does??

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