Aspect Ratios on Olympus cameras vs Panasonic?

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Re: Aspect Ratios on Olympus cameras vs Panasonic?

AllFlawed wrote:

I understood that Panasonic use oversized sensors on some of its camera to use the total image circle in different aspect ratios. They put a 2.2 crop on the LX100 to do this and keep the lens small but I understood they oversized the sensors in m43 to give this same facility.

Possibly someone can confirm. I would think Olympus just crop the 4/3 image.

Panasonic seems the best for this ratio in this respect though it seems to be GH line.

Yes, the GH line seems to be the only M4/3 with multi aspect ratio sensors, the compact LX100 also has it, and I do know my old Panasonic LX3 compact also has it.

The benefit of course is that 16:9 then gives more pixels side to side than 3:2 or 4:3 ratio and thus in my case my LX3  "24mm" at 4:3 is more like "22mm" when at 16:9 when you consider side to side dimensions and not the usual diagonal measure.

As mentioned, Olympus never does that, at 4:3, 3:2 and 16:9 it's always the same pixel width and simply the top and bottom is cropped off.

With Olympus at least, when you shoot jpegs at say 16:9 then any accompanying raw file will always be the full 4:3 frame and can be cropped back to 16:9 later in post process.

Regards..... Guy

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