Regret buying EOS M50

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At 100% I see Chromatic Aberration throughout the image, though more apparent in ares that are in focus or nearly so.  The EXIF indicates this was shot as a JPEG.  That means you had an opportunity to apply a Lens Correction in camera and eliminate the Chromatic Aberration.  The M50 allows you to store 3 lens profiles in the camera, but you can change them anytime.  I have profiles for the 22, the 50, and the 10-18 loaded because that's what I shoot with 95% of the time.  Swapping in the 55-250 when needed.

You can also adjust the Picture Style and alter Sharpness, Contrast, Color Saturation and more in camera.  You can also load custom Styles.

Without reservation, I say the M50 is the most capable camera I've owned, and I've been shooting digital for 20 years with over a dozen different cameras albeit consumer models.  Not all would agree with me, but nobody agrees with a 2 star rating.

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