From A6300 to A6600. Is it worth it?

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Re: From A6300 to A6600. Is it worth it?

VBlaster_W211 wrote:

I'm also using the a6300, and just bought the a7riii when it dropped in price. I'll consider the a6600 if my subject needs fast tracking, or when I need to take long videos without stopping or overheating.

The a6600 grip is amazing. If it were cheaper I would had bought it at launch. Now still considering.

To me, the Sony APSC complements the FF, and my a7riii does not replace the apsc. There are many occassions when I prefer to travel light and pack small.

I agree. I have the A6500 which I will give to my Wife and I just ordered the A6600. I have the A7RIV and even with its 26 megapixel crop mode it doesn’t replace having a smaller kit when wanted or needed. I figure the larger grip, sharing the same battery as my R4, touch screen shutter release and yes the better AF makes it worth it to me. Plus I was out trying to track a hawk today with my 6500 and it failed miserably. Lol. Also a screen that doesn’t dim when recording 4K like my 6500 will be nice. I would think going from the 6300 would be a worthy upgrade. I just wish they had upgraded the EVF on the A6600. But that’s me.

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