Capture One- can it do this?

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Re: Capture One- can it do this?

Gerry Winterbourne wrote:

viper699 wrote:

I feel there are 2 groups of imaging software- correct me if I'm wrong, I probably am.

1. Post-processing for assorted general things, levels, sharpening etc

2. Post-processing software which is designed for making actual image edits, such as removing an entire building from a picture or removing people (PS or PSP are the 2 examples I can think of, GIMP too perhaps).

This is "pixel level editing. Software that can do this can do everything in your group1 too.

When I take tourist photos, I have lots of tourists in my pics of course! I'd like software which can remove ALL the people I find.

This is probably impossible. The camera can't record what's hidden behind the tourists (or anything else for that matter). When dealing with this sort of problem pixel-level software does one of two things:

(a) It just averages out the details on either side of the object edited out. This is fine for small or narrow things like power lines etc but fails as soon as the objects are more than a few pixels wide.

(b) It uses "content aware" software to copy a patch from somewhere else in the picture to replace what's edited out. This may be successful for an isolated object - just one person in the wrong place, for example - but even then it's chancy, depending on the sort of detail in the background.

If there is a significant area obscured, as with lots of tourists, there isn't the information available to create what's invisible to the camera. You seem to be heading to hours of frustrating work that can't give a satisfactory result.

I don't believe Capture One can do this-- Right?

Which means I need a "group 2" piece of software-- yes? If so, then I would get PSP because it is not rent-ware like PS.

Ah I see now- thanks!

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