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Re: Damn DAM !! Any info is appreciated . . .

jack scholl wrote:

Longtime LR ver 6.14 user with 100,000 file catalog, 1.3 GB of photo files (on an external SSD ) and use DxO PhotoLab for bad noise and UWA distortion (Viewpoint) files. The DAM capabilities of LR have been a wonderful feature that has been used extensively. But the Adobe subscription double cross makes it hard to trust anything they say about the future.

It seems like Apple has forced a decision on the future with the OS 64 bit incompatibility with 6.14.

So, have previously purchased Luminar 4, ON1Photo RAW 2019, used them in demo mode and have a trial ongoing with Exposure X5.

So far . . .

Luminar seems toy like . . . and ON1 seems much more capable, but both are woeful DAM's. And after much dialog with both techs, hope is not very encouraging. They seem to be focusing on other priorities for the future.

Exposure X5 has a very capable, if a bit clumsy, DAM that can replicate the keyword capabilities of LR. Which is a big deal. It is fast and shares many of ON1 strengths.

But it is a major commitment to devote enough time to get as familiar with X5 as I am with LR. And while I read all sorts of interesting "features" that show up with the LR updates by Adobe in the subscription world, Adobe will likely be there longer than X5.

So pick a future nightmare . . a DAM that is more likely to have a limited life span (X5) or one run by a company with very talented programmers and no soul.

OK, I have flushed my confused brain into the tread . . .

Any constructive comments or experience is welcome!

Thanks in advance,


I have had the same problem regarding MediaPro SE, because it is discontinued and does not run on 64bit OS now.

I checked out several other "independent" DAM, Photosupreme, NeoFinder as a workaround, using just ExifToo, but none of these did really fit my needs and provides the ability to work close in combination with CaptureOne.

Starting from ver. 11/12 COne has become better and does provide the same logic and interface as MPSE.

To make it run with catalogues beyond 10,000 pictures, there is need of some change within the preferences, especially when running it on older Mac systems.

I currently run my MBP form 2015 (16GB, 2GB nVidia GPU, 500GB SSD) as my main stationary system, running on Catalina BetaX.

My actual COne catalogue now holds ~ 60,000 raw files, (NEF, ARW, CD2, Leica DNG, ... ) plus all adjustments a have don on all pictures in COne. I usually do between 3 to 5 variants of each picture I process. This information is hold within the COne catalogue as well.

GPU and CPU power are the most critical issues while using COne as DAM, RAM is NOT an issue until the system holds ≥ 16GB.

My first attempt to read in all RAW files with my standard COne settings (previews 3840) failed because it grew up to 400GB. After having reduced the preview size to 1680, the size of the catalogue decreased to ~40GB.

This is a workable size on my system.

Next one needs time: The initial import did take nearly 18 hrs (net calculation value) - though it shall be a job done over night plus... . The largest consumption of time is producing the preview files.

The next important issue is just an emphasis on the recommendation by POne to position the catalogue file as nearest as possible to the system, that means: Don't store the catalogue on an external drive!
This keeps your external storage system (HD, NAS, ... ) on heavy work while working with files. Besides the spinning of the HDs and the permanent noise as a result of that spinning the systems slows down remarkable.

The next important point is on to speed up things once the complete catalogue is established.

The first load of the catalogue once COne is started will take some time, especially then when picture files are stored externally.

The first step shall. be to produce an intelligent folder showing up only the recent files and let the catalogue stay on the folder if you close COne so when it next is opened, not the complete catalogue is scanned and meta data are being loaded, but only the items from that intelligent folder!
That does not prevent to read out and load the complete structure, but only the portion in focus including its related preview files, instead of loading data and previews from the entire catalogue.

The goal shall always be to stay as long as possible on meta data and reduce the hard I/O data exchange to a feasible minimum. That means just to do any organisation using Groups, Projects and Albums, and not doing any stuff on the files physically.

Starting from that preliminaries, you can do the management of files, metadata, etc. as being thoroughly described within the COne webinars and tutorials published on COne's YouTube channel.

COne allows to import catalogue files from Aperture, LR, MediaPro, but I am not aware how import works regarding Aperture and LR catalogues. Running COne on Catalina refuses to import MediaPro catalogues.

One remark beside: COne, MPSE, Aperture, LR, all these DAMs do use internally SQLite db. One of the performance issues can be the missing ability to virtualize its threads. SQLite on my systems only uses the 4 kernels of the CPU in my system. Virtual kernels are absent, even if using SQLite as a standalone db.

The time spent to prepare COne to use as DAM is worth to taken! (it took me over a week to figure out on how to establish it)

Have time and fun!

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