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Does Lloyd Love Fuji?

The Davinator wrote:

thebbqguy wrote:

I guess there's also this option:

LOL...resolution surpasses the GFX100??? Lloyd has found something new to smoke. Let's put a rez chart up and see if the D850m surpasses the GFX100. Care to play a game?

I was told by two Fuji reps in a European city in a long conversation about marketing in the camera world that he is mad at Fuji because he tried to get a sponsorship with them and free gear and threatened them with his pen on his paid blog when Fuji said no.

We are not allowed to attack individuals on DPR and this is not an attack on an individual but merely a comment about a professional paid journalist running a pay site and an editorial slant he has taken concerning Fuji.

It is fair game for me to say this because the journalist constantly makes outrageous claims about other glass being far superior to Fuji GFX glass, and he uses language to disparage Fuji GF glass that seems over the top and ridiculous. He actually said on his pay site that Fuji GFX glass can not resolve 50 MP much less 100!

He slams GFX whenever he can fit it in and does so relentlessly and almost with a passion. It is fairly obvious that he has some kind of grudge. It is also becoming common to quote Lloyd in articles that suggest other gear is as good or better than Fuji GFX.

I know a local pro in San Antonio that talks about this a lot and he loves Lloyd's work but is disturbed by his obvious anti-Fuji bias and journalistic assaults on GFX, and this pro I know is a Canon guy!

Come on Lloyd.... You are too good a pro for this nonsense.

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