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Re: Medium Format vs. Full Frame

Macro guy wrote:

Is it enough to remove the cfa off the camera to make it a monochrome or does the RAW converter need to be adjusted not to demosaic?

Probably so. The raw converter does not know that the CFA is not present, so it will still demosaic.

Diglloyd used Monochrome2.DNg for this.

But, I think demosaic may cause a around 15% loss of acutance, that figures well with what I can see comparing Leica M and Leica Monochrome.

The MTF 50 value is is like 12% higher for the Monochrome, but going down to 20% MTF the advantage increases to around 30%. On these samples it seems that there is a lot of shutter caused camera motion, but these points come from the least affected direction.
MTF 50 is often said to be a good parameter for sharpness MTF 20 is a pretty much arbitrary cutoff to calculate resolution.

The GFX 100 has 51 million green pixels and that is more than all the pixels on the monochrome converted D850.

It would be very hard to believe that a monochrome converted sensor would yield the same level of detail as the GFX 100.

Would MaxMax supply a photograph of a slanted edge in raw, than we could drain som quantifiable conclusions.

Having subscribed to Diglloyd earlier, I have noticed that he does pretty much sharpening.

Color me skeptical on this one...

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