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Re: A9+FE 200-600 g OSS - WIldlife photography tracking question.

MILC man wrote:

SimpleUser wrote:

For the past 3 months I've been shooting laternatively with A9+FE 200-600 g OSS combo, and A99ii+Kenko MC7 (x2)+Minolta AF 300mm.

As a wildlife enthusiast photographer for the past 6 years, I'm adept by now with tracking the subject, and keeping it mostly at the center of the lens. However, the old style focus I find very limited when metering the focus continuosly (here the linear drive FE enables the tracking abilities really shine).

However, the A9 combo struggels to keep focus on my subjects, even with 'lock-on' tracking, and the use of back focusing either with the stick or the 'AF-on' button,

what is "back focusing"?

not to mention not being able to acquire & track aleready moving subjects,

I've done a lot of that with the a9, for both motorsports and human sports shooting, it's not a problem.

the only scenarios that I can imagine that might be problematic would be if your focus plane is 100 yards away from the new target, or if you have the wrong focus limiter selection.

maybe try posting up what settings you are using.

By saying 'back focusing' I referred to adedicated button on the back of the camera for focusing, while the shooting button is only for shooting and 'hlaf-press' is disabled. I find it imperative for shooting wildlife.

Sports photography presents for the most part a predictable motion, with big targets.

To understand the challenge here, try shooting a bird in flight at 100-200 feet and at low altittude (close to the ground). Then you will see the tracking track the backgournd instead of the bird, or not at all/ A songbird in a bush where it is repeatedly reveiled and covered by leaves, due to wind, and you want to catch it without losing focus or switching to track the leaves without you actually doing anything, just because the camera focus "dicided" for you.

Stuff I can acheive with my old equipment easily. And again, the old equipment just doesn't cut it is pertains to the ability to track, when the A9 is "on point".

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