Why most people seem to switch to Fuji's mirrorless than Canon's M series?

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Re: Why most people seem to switch to Fuji's mirrorless than Canon's M series?

arikfr wrote:

After years with a Canon DSLR (first 300D and now 60D) it's time for me to switch to a mirrorless system. Travelling with 3 kids (where one of them is sometimes on me) makes it less appealing walking around with a DSLR these days...

When looking at options it looks like as most people pick a Fuji X-series as their mirrorless option. I did remember that Canon's first mirrorless cameras weren't great, but the M50 seems to get decent reviews.

I'm mostly interested in stills and not video and looking into having a travel kit that won't be too heavy. I'm usually travelling with a single lens (18-135 these days) and sometimes take a prime (used to be nifty-fifty but these days trying the 24mm pancake).

Another factor is that I'm usually shooting JPEGs and really don't have the time to edit my photos (3 kids...), so the out of camera JPEG quality is important to me.

What I find appealing about the M50 (aside from the lower price point) is that I can reuse existing lenses. Most of them aren't brilliant, but I grew to like them. On the other hand the 18-55 Fuji kit lens is amazing (based on reviews).

Is the M50 indeed a good option for me?

I'm a person who used Canon exclusively from the day Canon came out with their autofocus cameras and EF lenses.

When I made the switch to digital I bought a 10D camera and stayed with Canon DSLRs and lenses until the day I decided to try mirrorless and ended up buying a Fuji X-E1 and two Fuji lenses.

I don't have even one negative thing to say about Canon and probably would have never tried a Fuji camera if Canon had made a mirrorless camera, at the time I "switched".

I think the Canon M series cameras have really become great cameras and I definitely think a person who currently uses a Canon DSLR should consider an M camera if they want to try mirrorless.

With that said, I also have to admit that I have no regrets about switching to Fuji. Fuji cameras and lenses are excellent.

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