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Re: Like Film- a camera for life

The M262 I purchased new in 2016 is about as good as it gets for someone looking for a digital stills-only camera. 24MP has plenty of resolving power and one could/probably should be fine shooting with it for as long as it will last, which will almost certainly be of some limited amount of time compared to any film camera from the 1970's or earlier.

But at some point even electronically-controlled film cameras of that older vintage will burn through some electronic component long-ago discontinued and with no new-old stock replacement parts left. It's strictly a matter of luck/time whether the body you currently own fails in your hands or in the hands of the next person who buys it from you. Frankly it's amazing how many Nikon FE's,, FA's, Pentax ME's, Canon AE1's, A1's, Minolta X series, etc continue to work flawlessly and a testament to the standards to which they were built at the time.

There is one huge advantage they have on any digital camera. You can load one today with brand new film and (assuming it's still being made and sold) will still be able to do so 10 -20 years and more from now. No sensors to crap out/develop bad pixels, etc. It wouldn't surprise me at all to hear within the next 5-10 years, if not less, that Leica would no longer have replacement sensors and/or many other major components for the M2xx (name your model) series of cameras.

One should not buy ANY digital camera, regardless of price, with the expectation of a long life-span.

I agree whole heartedly about the M 262.  At 83 I'm pretty sure it will outlast me. I will have to think about a good home for it in the future.

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