Catalina "Migration Assistant" locks up

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Re: Catalina "Migration Assistant" locks up

JPAlbert wrote:

If you are near a brick-n-mortar Apple Store, you could take it there, along with your backup drive, and get help at the genius bar doing the migration.

Be aware that any 32-bit software that you might have had on the old MacBook WILL NOT RUN under Catalina. I don't know if this includes the existing Canon software, or not.

I did buy 'Apple Care' with the new MAC. Maybe I'll just take both to the nearest Apple store and ask them to migrate the stuff?

What a PITA. As is I'm finding that I like the trackpad and keyboard on the 2013 better than the new one. (and the old MAGJACK!) Currently the new one is back in its box and resigned to the closet.

Part of the frustration is that my Canon software works fine on Catalina, I just can't seem to get it installed on the new MBP.

There really is nothing wrong with my old 2013 MBP other than its a 2013 dual core.

Thanks for the response.

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