Just bought the a6600 + 16-55 2.8 to replace my a6500, my thoughts..

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Just bought the a6600 + 16-55 2.8 to replace my a6500, my thoughts..

Uh okay so I know I'm probably going to receive a ton of 'Why waste your money?' since I already own an a6500 but I feel the need to give the members here my thoughts in case at least one of you guys are thinking of upgrading.

The A6600:

1) The grip is freaking huge. Like the a6500 NEEDED some sort of L bracket or cage to feel decent to hold to me but the new grip is a gigantic upgrade in terms of handling. My fingers can't even fully wrap around the a6600 grip (my pinky still falls off the bottom though so I've pre-ordered a smallrig L bracket). If you ever get the chance to hold an a6600 please take the chance to do so before dismissing it. This instantly makes every lens you use feel way more balanced and easy to hold.

2) Photos taken in portrait actually show up in portrait when viewing them in camera. Same goes for photos taken upside down (Eg. underslung on your tripod to get a low shot). The a6500 does not.

3) The autofocus tracking is serious business. The a6500 already had top tier AF but the marginal upgrade of EyeAF and tracking are actually noticeable and make using it easier. Adapted glass has faster AF as well. My Sigma 18-35mm 1.8 has less hunting and has noticeably quicker focus acquisition. Not perfect, or even close to native glass but a noticeable improvement.

4) The menu system is largely the same, although there are more options which means more pages. I've copied my a6500 settings over to the a6600 and customised the buttons for ease of use. Having already taken approx 25k photos in the past year on my a6500 I'm very used to the menu system so this isn't an issue for me, but might be for brand new people.

5) The flip up screen is perfect for selfies. Yes it is a cringe-worthy word and a lot of you don't take pictures of yourselves but I personally look at the pictures I take with myself and loved ones the most when I go out and about or travelling. When taking photos with the screen in selfie mode it automatically gives you a three second timer. EyeAF works in tandem as well, although it is limited to AF-S unless there's an option to change it (haven't found it so far). It'll lock the AF once you press the shutter button so warning to those who use a Sigma 16mm 1.4 - you better not move your arm.

6) The battery capacity is gigantic. Literally more than double the battery life.

7) The time it takes to switch from LCD screen to EVF is exactly the same on the a6600 as it is on the a6500 for anyone wondering about that one dpreview article where the reviewer said it was laggy. It's still pretty quick in my opinion though.

8) Smaller image buffer than the A6500 - this one annoys me, but I don't burst shoot very often so this doesn't really matter to me. Might matter to others though. Would have liked to have UHS-ii but Sony's decided to use the cripple hammer on this one.

9) Image and video quality remain unchanged from the a6300, 6500 and 6400. A huge bummer considering the XT-3 exists in this world.

10) The pricing indicates to me we will not receive an A7000 anytime soon. It's priced essentially the same as an A7 3 lol.

The 16-55mm 2.8:

1) Compared to other APSC G lenses (talking about the Sony 18-105 f4 G)you can tell this lens is a step above in build quality. Zoom ring is smooth, but not easy to turn. Slightly harder to turn than the Tamron 28-75mm 2.8 and Sigma 18-35mm 1.8 (Sorry, nothing else to compare it to). The surface is finished with the same droplet-like effect that covers the a6500 and a6600 body - feels nice and no fingerprints! Focus ring is very smooth and easy to turn. Linear focusing is easy to use although I'm no expert at manually focusing.. especially with the low resolution of the screens on these Sony apsc cameras (haha).

2) Customisable button - A welcome addition, but now I have two focus hold buttons on my camera (that's just my adaptation of BBF, I like having Pre-AF turned on). Not a con by any means but this isn't a big deal for me. Although with time I may find another use for this button.

3) it seems to be a par-focal lens. A very rare trait on an APSC lens! This is awesome for video.

4) AF is faster on this lens than any other lens I own (although not saying much because I only have Sigma and Tamron lenses).

5) An immensely useful focal range with a bright aperture. The first f2.8 zoom lens in Sony's APS-C lineup.

Time will tell whether this camera and lens are worth it, but my main takeaway is that it's way easier to handle and use in the way I want which means I'll take it out more. Taking the camera out more means more photos. That's a win in my book.

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