Suitable Mac Upgrade for Use w/ Photos and 60k photos

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Re: Suitable Mac Upgrade for Use w/ Photos and 60k photos

We have photos taken on my Canon dSLR, and iPhones. The formats I am talking about are HEIF, HEVC and Live Photo’s. You especially can not change the Live Photo settings without Photos. I don’t have the latest Photos so I don’t know if I can change the Portrait setting.

I have evaluated getting a IMac Pro, (I currently use a 2010 27” iMac for my monitor when I am using the Mac Pro,) but decided to go either the MBP for portability or MP for expandability.  It’s a shame the MacOS has not supported my 2008 MacPro for a couple of years, I did install High Sierra on it, but it has issues especially the graphics card.
 I tend to like the XEON processors with ECC memory, but I haven’t seen the memory issues of the old days. In early days when I copy massive amount of photos from one drive to another, I would get a unreported bit error here or there. It really messes up jpeg photos, and it would take time before I realized it was copied bad. Now I have utilities to compare the files / directories to see if there was copy errors. Even still, I have not seen errors like the old days.

I am worried about stability issues, my daughter sees crashes on her smaller database on her MBP. iPhotos had it problems, but repairing the database was reliable then. I’ve had a hard time recovering at times with Photos. I tag people/faces and it would lump different persons into one on repairs.

I have not found any consumer photo management on Mac or Windows suitable for us. Nothing supports scanning through all the 60,000 photos variable sized thumb nails quickly like on Photos (or the old days Aperture) We’ve invested too much time tagging faces, location and creating albums. We’ve lost some nice slide shows from iPhotos. IPhotos slide shows allowed tweaking how Ken Burns would pan and zoom. We only have the output in videos.

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Hello, I have an old 2008 Mac Pro upgraded over the years which we now mainly use for Photos and have over 60,000 photos loaded. I have not found any suitable software replacement over the years which supports that many photos that also supports all the Apple formats. We use all the features of Photos.

We have stability/speed issues when editing a lot of photos in a session. We want to upgrade the computer and was initially thinking of the Mac Pro, but the cost is high and probably overkill since we don’t edit videos much any more.

I was thinking of instead of getting an almost loaded MacBook Pro 16 with 2 TB SSD since portability is a nice positive and forego updating the new MP over its life.

Do anyone think that the MacBook Pro can handle that many and growing photos in Apple Photos? I figure that rather than using the MacPro longer, I can get a new MBP or what ever sooner than the MP since it costs about half the price.

Second question, is the stability improved with the latest Photos?

Thank You.

The MBP 16" would certainly work.

So would a 27" iMac, and it might be a better value if you don't need portability (and have a lot of peripherals, since the MBP is all USB-C and hence might require a docking station and/or a bunch of adapters. And RAM for the 27" is a LOT cheaper.

But the limitation might be the software, in that some have had issues with large libraries and Photos. And if something does go wrong it's a bear to fix things with it. So you could buy new hardware and still have issues on the organizational end, although editing would clearly be faster.

Not sure what you mean by "all the Apple formats." Most every photo organizer supports at least as many file and camera raw formats as macOS, and often more.

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