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I've been having a few issues with my images actually being a little too sharp. I shoot a lot of weddings and it's not the best look when you can see every pore on a brides face.

With my D750 I never had any issues with this. After I was done editing in Lightroom I would batch portraiture on all images with photoshop, making everyones skin look quite pleasant.

With my D850, which I'm realizing that I really do not enjoy shooting weddings with( I can't wait for the d760 or d770 or whatever they'll call it). There is simply too much detail in their skin and it looks bad even after I add portraiture. I realize that I can take down the clarity and sharpness in post..but I was wondering about image resizing or resampling. I don't understand how this works but I've been told that it would help me get the same look that I used to get with the d750 in terms of skin smoothness...the reason I think at least is because I would be using not as many megapixels which would mean not as much detail etc. less pores etc.

Would it help to use the MEDIUM raw vs LARGE raw as well?

If anyone has any advice for me I would greatly appreciate it! Please explain it in a way that you would to someone who knows nothing about resizing/resampling.



Work with Portraiture more.  It can do what you want. Then you can assign that setting as an Action and perform it on images with a keystroke.

That will be much easier than messing with resizing or resampling, which are activities best done for the purposed they're designed for.

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