A7RIV for weddings? High Iso noise?

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Re: A7RIV for weddings? High Iso noise?

PWPhotography wrote:

Selene wrote:

I am not a wedding photographer, but I am not sure as an amateur that I see more mpx as an advantage in that line of work (I could be wrong though). Is there any way you could keep both cameras? I am currently using both Canon and Sony systems (5dmkIv, R, and a7riii--just ordered a7rIV). For people and even some animal photographs, I prefer the Canons. For landscape, the Sonys do a lot right. I have great hopes for the a7riv, which I should get on Monday In processing some photos from the R, it is hard to imagine wanting more detail. This is really a call you will have to make for yourself. I see my various cameras as best for different purposes. If the a7rIV is as good as I think it will be, I will probably sell the a7riiii, but I intend to keep the Canon gear I have too, as I use it for different purposes. But, for emphasis, that is me and how I personally use cameras.

Good luck with your decision! Without trying to be thoughtful about advice, I would say get the a7riv, but if you can, hang on to your Canon gear until you decide if the new Sony will work for you. Oh, and get native glass for the Sony.

A7r IV is much more versatile. Hardly someone only uses the camera in one specific task, wedding. It absolutely shines in landscape, event and even wildlife (such as in my next Africa safari that I will use it as my main camera as I did with 22mp 5D3 years ago, 10mp 1D3 was 2nd camera then). More is only better provided not impacts in performance. A7r IV still shoots 10fps and still has same deep buffer as A7r III and now has 2 II slots, real-time AF-C tracking and improved eye-AF over III. Still as I said in an earlier post it's not worse than A7r III in high ISOs provided you applied more NR and reduced the size to A7r III and then compare (which I will do to prove that). Then A7r IV shines in low ISOs such as in studio and with flash. More is only better if all others are the same.

I almost completely agree with you, which is why I have an a7riv on the way. My only thought on it as a wedding camera was based on my experience sometimes softening facial features when I took certain people photos with my 5dsr.  But, I haven't got the a7rIV yet so I don't know how it will be in practice--I am guessing excellent for most things!

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