A7RIV for weddings? High Iso noise?

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Re: A7RIV for weddings? High Iso noise?

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A7RIII vs A7IV: Seems like the added noise is something like 1/3 ISO step. Balance that against the gain in resolution - crank the numbers in your head - and get the A7RIV.

Thanks. That's the kind of answer I was looking for. Real life comparisons.

An R3 is more than enough for most pro work and the only area its not, you need an A9-II .....

Nonsense - need differ between users, and more megapixels are better when it comes to correcting optical flaws.i

the R4`s only downside is a bit more noise but I`ve not seen a comparison when downsampled to 42Mp where I`m guessing things will even out , other than that you`re getting both slots in UHS-II and bigger buttons and grip .... Basically if money is no object, I`d get the R4 ..... for me I`m a full time working photographer and in the UK so money definately IS an object so got an R3

Last time I shot a wedding with a camera as low rez as an A9 it was back in the 1DS-Mk3 days years ago when 22Mp was as good as it got . now I`d grab as many pixels as you can get for printing those massive block prints couples order or for downsampling really high ISOs and severe crops extending your lens .. you get to leave a 24-70- F2.8 (or 28-75 F2.8 or 24-105 F4) on all the time and use those 61Mp to crop. the less mucking about with glass or anything else at a wedding the better..

With 61 mp you need to shoot with higher shutter speeds to get a pixelsharp images, though.

Pixel sharp images - obviously yes. But in real life it all comes down to viewing size (screen, projection, print) - seen from this perspective there is no longer need for higher shutter speeds when the pixel number increase.

For stil life and landacapes, it’s fine, but during events it can be done by raising ISO, thereby losing quality, so maybe 61 mp is overkill.

What about raising the ISO with a camera having fewer pixels. Loosing image quality?

The end result from the A7III and A7RIV will be pretty much the same when raising the ISO and viewing same size images - until the A7III image begin to loose resolution. Then the A7RIV will shine.

The main reason why the A9 has 24MP is speed - from capture to transfer to publishing. There is little need for larger files based on the media where the usual professional A9 images are published.

Photographers and hobbyists striving for optimum image quality are better served with more megapixel image sensor - not fewer. That is for speed demons.

Yeah but for events I’d rather have the AF speed and precision, as well as silent shutter with fast readout speed of the A9 series, in order to get the shot.

The point is wedding in general is not a highly challenging task in AF-C tracking that would need A9 absolute performance.  Unless scene with lots of LED light, A7r IV silent shutter works fine or you can shoot with specific shutter speed to reduce banding.  Otherwise you can use mechanical shutter with some shutter noise that is not terrible with A7r IV especially if you are the main wedding photographer then such noise from your work is well allowed.  A few months ago I shot a wedding with both A7r III and A9 and I didn't feel much difference in such relative still or slow moving scenes.

Then in other areas A7r IV beats A9 clearly in landscape and studio type photos.  In another word more versatile.  A9 is far from a must in wedding photography.

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