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What’s missing?

I’d replace my 40-150mm f2.8 in a heartbeat with an updated version 2 that includes in-lens IS. Dual IS, especially when using this lens with the MC20, would be a great update.

Probably would have to sell the remainder of stock from the warehouse first. The lens is unlikely to be in continuous production but batched into stock in a warehouse and sold from there.

If it is selling well (as it should) then there is no incentive to re-engineer it as a second model.

If it is not selling well then it might take some time before they make an updated version. But the cost/benefit of putting the re-engineering into an upgraded version, and how much the extra cost might effect sale,s must be balanced against building completely new lenses - which also seem to take a long gestation period - must be balanced to economic reality.

Of course if it is selling terribly badly then they might not even bother making another batch.

Out of the entire lens range released from Oly and Pana, there has not yet been one discontinued and replaced yet. There have been some exterior changes with version 2 lenses but that is all. Oly have reportedly, with version 2 lenses, added updated nano type coatings to the front element, but nothing else internally. I wonder why there have been no replacements?

That's not very accurate mate. There's been lenses that were never very popular and were outright discontinued (17/2.8, 12-50), and there's been significant changes in some of the mk II variants when it comes to OIS, focus motors or capabilities, and weather sealing (more so on Pana's end tho, Oly's updates have mostly been about aesthetics and sealing)... The old 100-300 had an aperture mechanism that couldn't keep up with modern C-AF and burst rates, night and day difference vs the mk II...

So there's definitely been some significant upgrades to some older lenses.

I think most of the time if there's an optical redesign the company prefers to just give it a new name and model number tho, but even that has happened within M4/3 even if not quite as often. The original Pana 14-140 f4-5.6 (not the 4/3 lens, there was a M4/3 one too) was larger and suffered from zoom creep, not a great mechanical design. The newer 14-140 f3.5-5.6 that replaced it was a complete redesign, it's significantly smaller (and they have since released an mk II of that one which added weather sealing and tweaked the cosmetics).

Even the cosmetic updates are sometimes significant, the 20mm II gained a very nice looking metal body while also shedding weight compared to the original.

Your definition of a new version is different to mine, but I didn't know about the Pana 14-140... optically and mechanically completely different from the discontinued model. Thanks for that!

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