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Oly put out a vague roadmap in January. It left a lot of people scratching their heads.

It would be great to know what's next.

I hope something is released before the spring release of the 150-400.

We know what's next. The 150/400/4.5 in early 2020.

But what about the rumoured 8-25mm/f4 PRO? Or the consumer grade super-tele to compete with the PL100-400mm?

There was a bunch of stuff on the roadmap that people would love to know more about.

Agreed, that roadmap is still pretty vague, it's almost a joke... Oly seems to be leaking stuff with much less lead time these days, and 43rumors seems to be pretty off these days... Only thing I've seen on the matter is this:

I'm curious to see just how small Oly could make an 8-25 f4 tho, not sure I'd take the extra length over the extra speed/wideness on my PL8-18 but it'd just be nice to see them make a smaller zoom than Pana's alternative for once (9-18 aside, and 75-300 to a small extent).

A new lens roadmap is getting announced tomorrow. it looks like Olympus will provide more details on the focal lengths and aperture. But I can still see lots of complaining as the lenses won't match exactly what some were expecting.

Yeah, can't make everyone happy... I for one welcome any and all advance details they wanna share via roadmaps. The new Pro 12-45 f4 seems a little odd but I'm guessing it'll become their defacto kit zoom in the future and it'll make for more appealing kits than the outgoing 12-50 or the 14-150 they're currently using in US kits. I'm curious to see how small it ends up being but I doubt it'll be more than a couple hundred cheaper than the f2.8 zooms when those are on sale.

The non-Pro 100-400 will fill quite a long standing void for Olympus and I'm guessing that's the most exciting announcement right now, I'm curious about it even tho I bought the 100-300 II in 2018 (the PL100-400 was just too large and too much $ for the occasional use I'd give it). They've got a couple more unspecified teles on that roadmap still (possibly an f4 pair for the 14-45), and there's that big vague swatch of Pro primes... I'm cautiously encouraged even tho my kit is lacking very little.

I thought Oly had been focusing way too much on the ultra high end stuff for the last couple years, and I'm not even hating on that stuff (I bought a 17/1.2 when it came out, about to buy an E-M5 III, and also grabbed a refurb 75/1.8 last year)... It just seemed like Pana had a more balanced approach and less holes in the lineup (for zooms particularly, their prime line has always been less cohesive than Oly's tho... both aesthetically and as far as specs).

I generally agree with you, although timeframe and prices are helpful for budgeting.

The 12-45 is intriguing. How will it differ from the 12-40 pro? Does Oly include Pro lenses with kits?

They've done kits with the 12-40 f2.8 in the past IIRC (possibly still doing so in the EU), tho I dunno if the combo discount was much more than say the now common $200-off sales, but I do remember there being a halfway decent discount. I'd hope it's at least a little smaller than the 12-40 too (like the 12-35/2.8 maybe?), but Oly hasn't made a lot of zooms where small is the priority (9-18 aside!) so we'll see.

M4/3 is definitely more spoiled for lens choices than ever... A few more cheap(er) primes with sealing would be nice but otherwise there's a ton of variety to choose from.

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