A7RIV for weddings? High Iso noise?

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Here's a list to consider...

michaelbs wrote:

I shoot weddings . I use Canon 5D4 x 2. I want to go mirrorless and have sold both cameras. I have my eyes on the Sony A7R4 (black friday) and wanted to hear from actual users' experience in terms of ISO noise (iso 1600-6400) How bad is it? And what is the AF like in low-light?

Lenses I'm considering: Sony GM 24 1.4, Sony FE 35 1.8, Sony zeiss 55 1.8 and Samyang FE 85 1.4.

Any input is appreciated.

Hi Michael, let me touch on a few factors and you can determine whether it is important?

1) File sizes - do you really want 61 MP and having to wade through images of that size?

2) AF - excellent though not as reliable as a9 - I find myself having to shoot more images to absolutely nail focus.  Again, do you want to wade through more images?

3) ISO noise - yes, it is an issue and if you like the silky smooth images of the 5dmkiv, you'll be in for a rude awakening.  There's been a lot of debate as to whether the Canon software does more "smoothing" and viewing the smaller file sizes leads to the impression of less overall noise.  It is very amenable to NR, but again do you want to have to spend the time PP?

4) ISO color shift - documented on the a7riv as ISO increases, blacks become more green than a7riii>a9 (do a search).

5) Viewfinder blackout - if it's an issue for you, choose the a9.

6) Smaller buffer than a9

7) Rolling shutter effect - in silent mode (and who doesn't want that for weddings) the a7riv will exhibit the lines.  Not so on a9 which exhibits virtually none of this effect.  Overall, the a7riv mechanical shutter is quieter than the 5dmkiv.

8) Ergonomics - a7riv has an advantage over the a9 but that's the only advantage in my book.  If you have the $ you could always buy an a9ii.

9) Higher MP means (in addition to noise) a need for higher Tv due to increase in susceptibility to individual pixel blur.

Bottom line - if I were about to invest $7-8k in gear beyond soliciting advice, which is a good thing, I would either rent the prospective gear or buy from a place where I could return with no penalty.

An alternative would to be to purchase one of each and use the a9 for the interior shots and portraits and the a7riv for outside groups where the increased resolution might be useful.

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