Catalina "Migration Assistant" locks up

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Catalina "Migration Assistant" locks up


here this year I decided that my old 2013 13" MBP was getting to old so I bought a new 2019 model to replace it.

Besides going from a dual core i5 to a quad core i7, the new MBP has 16GB of memory and larger SSD. Both new and old MBP are running 10.15.1.

I've been able to install most of what I had on my older 13" on the new one but the Canon 5D software set.

Sadly, the 'migration assistant' simply locks up looking for apps/docs/exc to migrate. Aborting the migration leaves the new MBP without a user account requiring restore from backup. While I now have TWO MBP's backed up to a network time machine, I attempted to restore the old MBP's backup on the new MBP. After many hours I get the dreaded "1008F" error and have to start the process over.

Restoring the new MBP's time machine backup does work however it leaves me back to where I started this holiday: with a new 10.15.1 MBP and most/some of the software I want on the device.

Letting migration assistant run over night brought me to the same place this AM. Two MBP's locked up in Migration assistant and the new one requiring a restore from backup.

I think I'll restore it and then put it back in the box for later when ether Apple fixes its migration assistant or Canon releases a Catalina compatible install disk.


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