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Greg7579 wrote:

Macro guy wrote:

thebbqguy wrote:

Macro guy wrote:

I think I've reached that conclusion. The anomalies I've found are professionals in the business for multiple decades.

I've been taking photos for 35 years+ but I want to do more than that to see what I can do.

I'll just get more active in the local club, network, learn and go from there.

I've got a few 12 megapixel cameras and at this point it makes no sense to buy a 24 megapixel camera to upgrade. It makes more sense to step up to 50 megapixels or more I think.

I believe I saw Clyde Butcher say in one newspaper article that he was impressed with the 36 megapixel he used for a short time while recovering from his health issues. You just work within the limitations of the chosen tools.

Thanks for sharing the knowledge and wisdom in this thread.

Good luck with that. And remember the number of megapixels is dictated by how large you're going to print. You don't need 50mp unless you're going to print 20x30" at 300dpi. If you never print bigger than 11x14, a 12 mp camera is fine.

I disagree with this sentiment and talking point. More MP and res is not just about bigger print capability. To say you don't need 50 MP unless you are going to print a big 20 by 30 inch print is wrong. If it were true I would not have bought the GFX 50r 11 months ago and enjoyed shooting it so much all year because of the amazing IQ and res I see on every shot, and I certainly would not be shooting that Beast of a GFX 100 right now. Also, we must remember that (in my opinion) 50 MP looks better on MF that it does on FF. I know because I shoot both and my eyes are good. I have never printed an image from my MF cameras. Other people have, but I have not seen the results.

I have thought about getting the Nikon D810. It's light years ahead of my current cameras, but at this point it's becoming outdated as well. I'm going to hold out awhile longer and concentrate on improving my skills while I wait. I really desire MF.

This is my aspiration:

I know someone locally who does this style and I love it.

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I learned a long time ago to stop trying to do what others do, because they're good at it. -- Do what you're good at. (B.B. King)

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