Caution - shake rattle and roll with an F mount VR lens

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Re: Caution - shake rattle and roll with an F mount VR lens

Leonard Shepherd wrote:

When using an F mount VR lens on Z - as many know VR runs constantly if VR and the Z body are both switched on.

IMPORTANT - if you do not switch VR off with the switch on the lens beforeswitching off a Z body - no matter how long since you took a shot with VR on - the VR group is not locked

Then, if after removing the lens you shake it gently, you can hear from within the lens shake and rattle from the unlocked VR group.

Too bad if you do not realise this and pack the lens away - without the VR group being locked.

My advice is always check the VR group is locked after using an F mount VR lens on a Z body.

That is not completly correct. The VR also locks when you turn off the Z6/7. It does however NOT block when you unmount a VR lens while the Z6/7 is switched on. Just checked with my Z6/7 and the 70-200 FL. You can very clearly see the VR elements floating around only when unmounting while the Z6/7 is on. In all other cases, the VR elements are completely fixed. As even with fixed VR there are still movable elements in the lens, sound alone proves nothing.

I highly recommend switching off ANY camera prior to changing lenses.

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