A short review of the FE 24-105 G

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A short review of the FE 24-105 G

I preferably work with good primes but I was asked to shoot an event where I won't have time to change lenses. Because the price sank to CHF 1100 (CHF is roughly on par with the USD) and Sony currently offers a CHF 100 cashback, I decided to get the 24-105 G. Before I even start with this short review I can say that for 1000 bucks you get a really nice lens! This test is totally unscientific but it's my normal way of testing new lenses. Instead of brick walls and test charts I prefer to shot some real life images.

I started with my standard first quick test shot, which I take with every new lens, from in front of my house. Shot in bad light, wide open. This shot is not cropped. The other shots are cropped to taste but all images are at 100% resolution:

For a wide open shot this looks pretty good. The church tower is about 250 m away.

Then I did one of my also standard close up tests to see what the transition from sharp to blurry looks like and how good the "bokeh" is. The first shot of the sauce was taken handheld in ambient light at f/5.6 and ISO 1600. The wine image was shot at ISO 100 and wide open from a tripod:

Nothing to complain here. The blurry part looks good and the transition is smooth.

Same as above in this wide open shot.

The next shot is good to see how well CA is controlled and how the details of the tree will look like, shot at f/8:

CA is not an issue and the details look good.

Next follow two "regular" landscape shots, also at f/8 to get a better idea about the color and contrast rendering:

Not on par with my GM primes but still very good for a versatile zoom lens for $1000.

The colors and contrast are also good.

Conclusion: The 24-105 G is a sharp, versatile and relatively compact and light zoom lens and it behaves as advertised. I haven't heard much about copy variation, but mine is definitely very good. Of course it does not match my best primes but for the price, size and weight this is certainly a very good zoom lens. I am not afraid to shoot the above mentioned event with it and am sure that my clients will not be disappointed with the results.

I can recommend this lens without hesitation for everyone who needs a good travel or event lens or a nice performer for street photography.

On a side note: together with my 100-400 GM and the TC 1.4 I can cover the range from 24-560 mm with only two lenses in a comparably small and light package. This is very good for hikes up to the higher mountains and reduces lens swapping to a minimum.

I'm happy with the lens which surprised me positively.

Best regards

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