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Re: Relevance (reiterated.. slowly)

Erik Kaffehr wrote:

Teila Day wrote:

Macro guy wrote:

Teila Day wrote:

Ok, so you don't like the Canon sensor. That's fine, but would that sensor have been any better scaled up to 33x44? Would the Sony sensor have been any worse scaled down to 24x36? (aside from the resolution differences of course)

I don't know or even suppose either way because I can't purchase "what if".. I can only buy what exists.

It is a good point. Regarding Sony sensors I would say that the sensor technology in the GFX 100 and the Sony A7rIV is essentially the same. But it is entirely possible that say Fuji does a better job of using the sensor

It's all too close for me to engage. With the larger 100mp sensor you're getting a 53.4 x 40.0mm sensor (if I recall) which is notably larger than the smaller 44x33mm...

So if you do some conversions, assuming you're using a 35mm lens..

53.4 x 40.0mm would give 0.64 x 35mm for a real-world FF angle of view of about 22.4mm


44 x 33mm would give 0.79 x 35mm for a real-world FF angle of view of about 27.65mm

That's a difference of 5.25mm... while that difference on a telephoto or even the difference of 20mm in the 'normal' range isn't often worth the quibble... a mere 5.25mm on a wide end is at the very least readily noticeable when you're shooting a relatively small spaces (bedrooms, bathrooms, pool-houses, city trams, and airport breezeways).

That's a very noticeable advantage for people who purchase for readily visible practical differences and or notable processing advantages. The problem with 33x44 today is that it doesn't make remotely as much sense as it did half a decade ago (which is expected), except for those wanting a leaf shutter option (HSS, etc., doesn't compare when it comes to the versatility of a leaf shutter lens).

Personally I don't really care about sensor size at all. What I think is important that it is adequate for the task at hand.

I agree with your sentiment mostly, however I cannot overlook the 'wide-angle' advantage that can be realized based on just sensor size alone.  ** There were times when I was shooting in close confines and would take my 17-35 f/2.8 nikkor off my Nikon D2hs and put it on a film camera... the difference was huge.  The advantage was immediate.

Imagine Hasselblad's 21mm XCD lens designed for the much larger sensor... that's about a 13mm lens.  How much could they sell such a lens for if it produced limited distortion and relatively "flat" results compared to other wide lenses?  $6k, $8.5k, $10k?

If you need 100 MP, I would think that a 100 MP 44x33 sensor may be as good as a 100 MP 54x41 mm sensor. The larger sensor may have other advantages, of course.

As far as image quality is concerned, I would think that ultimately you can eek more performance out of the larger sensor, especially with modern processes even re-work older 100mp sensors to be at the very least on-par with what's found in the GFX... but then you get the larger physical sensor size in addition, which affects angle-of-view which can be an advantage.

Interesting thing you mention leaf shutter, I think it matters. I would also say that it is noticeable even shooting macro outdoors with the Hasselblad 555/ELD and electronic flash.

I agree 100%.  I don't know of any modern high speed syncing wizardry that can best simply using leaf shutter lenses... and I still think Pentax deserves a dirty wet dishrag across  the back of their necks for not fielding at least several leaf shutter options... even if they required manually cocking.  A leaf shutter version of the 35, 55 and 120mm lenses would've signaled Pentax's willingness to at least address one of the most glaring issues in modern photography.  (slow) Sync speed.

The two things that are like horsepower in photography.  Pixels (or film size) and light.  You can never have too much at your disposal.  Being able to harness and control that light via a full range of sync speeds is a very practical capability that many photographers would like to have, I hope to see a lot of advancement in that area in the future.

Best regards

Best in photography to you Erik


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