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Greg7579 wrote:

Teila Day wrote

I would advise many if not most people today looking at MF, to simply wait.

100mp crammed onto the 44x33 sensor...


Why do you write a smiley face after making that damning statement on the MF Board?

Hello Greg.  I placed a smile after I said my peace because that's what I would've done had I been speaking in person.  Whether I agree or disagree with someone doesn't dictate whether or not I can be warm (unlike me I'll admit) and simply smile to another human being.

I think you took me out of context as well; I detected a slight bit of friendly sarcasm from Marco at his mentioning that the Canon can't match some of the MF offerings due to its limited iso range.   In that context I had to smile as well because that was my overall point; I buy or use MF generally because of what the format offers overall over FF options.  I don't get into gear cat-fights over things that I consider relatively trite.

You and Macro have a lot in common on your FF is = or > than GFX MF.

I think Macro would agree that we've been mostly at odds when it comes to MF vs. FF related discussions.  To my knowledge, I've never made a single post on this site or otherwise mentioning anything  that would lead anyone to believe that I think FF is = to or > than medium format.  I'll tell you what I tell others, when you wish to say what I've said... quote me to avoid misconceptions or misquotes.

I do not agree with your advice that people who are interested in MF just "wait."

That's not a bad or good thing.  That's just a difference of opinion which I can appreciate.

Fuji does not agree. Nor do I. If I had thought that I doubt if I would have dropped ten grand on the GFX 100 body and would instead have bought the alphasevenarefour.

Fuji is in the business of selling cameras so let's leave their opinion out of the conversation.

The 26 people who have piped in so far on this Board who just bought the GFX 100 are fools.

Obviously since I don't know why anyone bought their GFX 100, what their personal finances are, or even what their photographic goal is - I can't attest to whether their respective purchases were "foolish" or not.

They should have followed your advice and listened to Macro and not made that bad decision. They should have "waited."

Macro doesn't have anything to do with me, his views are his own and likewise mine and over the year(s) we've had varying viewpoints which I think is healthy and intellectually stimulating; bringing about good conversation whether I agree or not.

My statement was that I would advise *many* if not *most* to wait on purchasing MF because I do not think most buyers will realize the kind of differences that shooting MF digital was known for in the past.   A 16mp FF camera from many years ago, did not yield the same results as a 16mp MFDB.   Not only did nearly every MF camera have a higher sync speed over its FF counterpart, but also didn't produce that tell-tale "dusty" or "hazy" results (irrespective of shooting raw, tiff,  or jpg)  inherent to nearly every non-MF digital camera back then.   The benefit to shooting was pretty obvious.

I don't think the 100 MP was "crammed" onto the new sensor. Were pixels "crammed" onto the Sony alpghasevenarefour?

You'll have to consult those with more tech knowledge than I on the technicals.  I can only attest to real-life results, and when it comes to real-life results, I would be surprised to see 100mp on a 44x33 slab ever besting an up-to-date (or possibly even a dated 100mp Hasselblad or Phase for that matter) which is why I'd MUCH rather see Pentax offer the old 100mp on the larger sensor like the old Hasselblad and Phase... just rework and modernize the software, firmware, and whatever else electronic that makes the sensor do what it does.  I would much rather pay for that because I get an instant, irrefutable advantage with the larger sensor the moment I put the camera too my face and look through the viewfinder...

I'm adding your quotes to my long list of anti-MF talking points that are propagated on the Medium Format Board. The list is long....

((chuckle)) Whatever makes your ears wiggle.   I've only championed MF.  It's my favorite format, but if you want to be the subject of your own irony then don't let me get in your way.  Full steam ahead.

What I am is consistent, grounded and honest.  I do not have brand loyalty as I'm simply loyal to products which what work well for their intended use while considering a full bevy of variables including cost/benefit ratio.  Considering such, I am fully cognizant that everyone's goals and usage isn't the same, hence my choice of words; "most" and "many".

I wonder how long DPR Mods would tolerate similar posts I could make on the Sony Board but in the opposite direction using the opposite talking points about how far superior the GFX 100 (or the GFX 50) is to high res FF and why. They would not like that and it would not be allowed.

Probably because it could be construed as something that most mature adults wouldn't do.  Adults disagree sure, but for

It would cause a firestorm of protest and the poster would end up getting permanently banned.

It wouldn't phase me one bit if I were a Sony user because getting flustered over something so beneath me (protesting online as if I were in the 2nd grade and immature for my age) would just be ridiculous wouldn't you agree..

Best in photography to you and everyone

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