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Re: Off-camera Flash Recomendations

Jojophotomo wrote:

I use Flashpoint gear, and am pretty happy with it. I use the lithium ion flash and also the eVolv 200. The quality of light seems fine, and they haven't overheated on me yet, or stopped working for any reason.

My critique of them, however, is that the integrated R2 radio system doesn't have the reliability for professional use. I get a lot of no-fires when I use the Flashpoint transmitter which really sucks when have 5-10 minutes with someone and your strobe doesn't go off when you're trying to capture a good moment. So for that reason, I use Pocket Wizard Plus IIIs for the radio system.

That being said, the lithium ion flash they sell is pretty good. Obviously when it's mounted on the camera you don't need to worry about the radio system, and the TTL seems to work pretty well.

Quick update on flashpoint gear:

I realized something was up when I pulled the trigger off the camera and mashed the test button and strobe fired every time.

So I updated the firmware on the strobe and trigger (didn't occur to me that the trigger could need updated firmware so I never looked), set the combined unit to a different ID, and changed the channel and group to a totally random combination.

The last thing I found really made a difference was changing the range from "0-30" to the default "1-100" in the transmitter.  That actually seems to make the biggest difference, oddly enough.

After those changes, I fired off 150 frames in quick succession and the strobe fired for 149 of them.  The strobe was essentially cold, and set at 1/16th power.  The strobe was also about 15 feet away from the camera.  However, this was a massive improvement from before where it would sometimes misfire 3 frames in a row.

Hope this information helps.

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