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Red_Sun wrote:

TacticDesigns wrote:

Red_Sun wrote:

I just got hold of a D7200. But the change of the menu and LCD are not to my liking.

But the question is . . . does it work? LOL.

For me, I like the menus from my Pentax dSLR.

But, as far as getting stuff done, I can't complain with my Nikon dSLR cameras. I find the menus plenty effective.

Do you use the "My Menu" feature to make your own condensed menu?

That really helps me focus on the things I change the most in menus.

It add a page for movie. Also, the top LCD is re-arranged for larger fonts.

LOL. See. For me, that is a benefit with my failing eyesight! LOL.

The new features are nice. But I can live with the D7100. The settings are more to the classic style.

I guess, going from the D7100 to the D7200, there might not be that much of a change.

But, for me, I went from the D7000 to the D750.

A lot changed in the user interface. And IMHO all good!

For example . . . when pressing on the ISO or Quality buttons on the back, on my D7000, it would only display the settings on the top display. So . . . I would have to crank my head over top of my camera to see the setting and then change it.

But . . . on the D750 (older than your D7200), when I press on the ISO or Quality button, the camera turns on the back screen and displays the settings there, which I find more convenient as . . . my face is usually already behind the camera. LOL. And in a larger size, so easier to read for my failing eyes.

And . . . the added bonus is that when pressing the ISO button, not only can I change the ISO setting with the rear dial (like on my D7000), I can also change the ISO Auto setting between ON and OFF with the front dial, which I can't do with my D7000.

It's little continuous improvements like this that I really appreciate with how Nikon is constantly trying to improve the handling of their cameras.

Take care & Happy Shooting!

Yes. But...

By going to D600 and D7100, they are already more plastic. Now D7200 feels even more plastic.

I mainly get the D7200 for its high ISO. I figure it just needs to get used to it. Still a very good travel travel camera, light and good low light.

I do not like the newer D7500, D500 and the D750. No touchscreen and no flip LCD. Just me.

I have both the D7200 and the D750. The only thing I use the D7200 for is shooting birds with my 200-500mm f5.6 everything else I use the D750. In low light/high ISO there is no comparison, the D750 is superior. The D750 does have a flip screen and the D500 has both a flip screen and touchscreen.

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