Anyone Using 2019 MacBook Air/Pro With Lightroom?

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Re: Anyone Using 2019 MacBook Air/Pro With Lightroom?


Going all the way back to 2010 MacBook Air 11". A little slow on that, but it works.

A 2019 Air/Pro should have no problems.

I should have said it was Lightroom 5. Never upgraded to v6 and CC. The CC Trial ran really slowly on the library module on my 2017 5K iMac and I don't like subscriptions. Scrolling though thumbnails was painfully slow. The Develop module was fine.

I now use On1 as a DAM and DXO PL3 for RAW processing. Scrolling through thumbnails in either app is like a hot knife through butter. Quality of the RAW processing in DXO is far superior to Lightroom. Making my older images looks new and fresh again and wandering why I upgraded my camera as DXO made the images look amazing.

I was using a Canon 40D and now Sony A7 and A6300 with various lenses.

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