Why most people seem to switch to Fuji's mirrorless than Canon's M series?

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Re: Most? No. But...

davev8 wrote:

I guess I will not be able to explain this to you. I spent a lot of time over in M43 land, and having native glass at 100-300mm and 100-400mm (200-600mm, and 200-800mm FF equiv), in a reasonably sized package was just lovely. Sure I can adapt an EF 100-400mm, but that kind of defeats the purpose of the smaller system......

so tel me why are you not still with m43 with all the tiny long lenses ???

Because I have the RP, and I wanted to not have to carry two entirely different systems.  Since I have the 70-300mm for the RP, I can get close enough to the same reach as the 100-300mm on the M43, with just the M50 and EF-M adapter, rather than having to carry both a different body and different lenses.....And the sensor output on the M50 is actually lovely.  I am quite pleased with it for my purposes, it's just I wish the system had more native lens options, as the cameras themselves and their output is quite nice.


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