Why most people seem to switch to Fuji's mirrorless than Canon's M series?

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Re: Most? No. But...

Alastair Norcross wrote:

jalywol wrote:

Those who do, do it for the lens selection.

Similarly, those who choose Micro 43s also have a vast lens selection to choose from.

Canon has chosen to market the M line to entry-level, modest budget, users.

This is clearly not true with the M6 and M6II. Some of us have been avid photographers for over forty years, and also own more expensive cameras and lots of bigger heavier lenses. The M6 and M6II are definitely marketed to me and people like me. The M50 and M100 and M200 fit your description more. The M6II is marketed to people, advanced experienced users among them, who want great image quality in a small camera that has all the capabilities of bigger heavier DSLR's.

The M6II is the first of the M series that is really marketed to those who want...MORE.

My point is that this is the first M series product that really requires better glass (higher res sensor, you know?) , and native better glass would be a good thing at this point. Before this, they could kind of let things slide and tell users who wanted "more" to use adapted glass...but that's going to be a problem going forward now as sensor design continues to advance.

Oh, and I have been an avid photographer since the late 1960's, when I got interested in it as a kid....so, yeah, that's over 50 years for me.

They do not have the native lens offerings for the M line that would appeal to higher end users, even though the cameras themselves, at this point, are very capable.

Lens selection is only a factor, if you can't get the lenses you want to do the things you want. Henri Cartier-Bresson, hardly an entry-level photographer, used one lens for the vast majority of his pictures, and no more than one or two others his entire career. He wasn't an aberration in this regard. Canon's two excellent fast primes are enough for many people. The addition of Sigma's 16 and 56 make a very serious high-quality set. Add the 11-22 for landscapes and cityscapes, and the 18-150 for more casual use, and you're almost drowning in lenses. Perhaps it would be nice to have a high-quality fast zoom for sports, but it's not clear that an EF-M version would have many advantages over an adapted EF. For many years I've used a 70-200 F2.8L IS (versions I and II) for sports on a 7D and 7DII. When I adapt that lens to my M6II, even with the adapter, the combination is still smaller than using it on the 7DII.


The fact is that if you're a serious photographer, you'll know what you want and how to get it with almost every camera system. If you're put off the M system by the number of EF-M mount lenses available, the chances are that you're simply listening to others telling you that you need a vast selection of lenses to choose from. Perhaps someone tells you that "higher end" users need this vast selection, and you really want to think of yourself as a "higher end" user, so you convince yourself that you "need" a camera with a vast selection of native mount lenses to choose from.

You know what? You are bending yourself over into knots to defend the indefensible.

There may be some photographers who desperately do want a lens that isn't available in EF-M mount, and don't want to adapt a lens (despite the ease of using the M adapter). Given those desires, it makes sense for them to look at other systems. But sweeping generalizations about "entry-level" and "higher end" photographers are like many other sweeping generalization, often conjured in an arm chair out of thin air.

"Desperately"??? Uh no. It sure would be nice to have a native long lens in the format though. Sure, I am using an adapted 70-300mm, and it's fine, but a nice, native 100-400mm would be smaller than the EF version and a GREAT option for this cropped format series....

Sony did the same thing with their APS-C offerings.

The manufacturers who have other irons in the fire (FF with bigger profit margin lenses), tend to look at APS-C as an afterthought. Since Fuji's major line is NOT FF, but APS-C, they only have one format to engineer their lenses for, so they built that selection out very thoroughly. (M43 also, although now that Panasonic has the FF SL series, who knows what they will do with the M43 lenses in future...) . So, users who want a lot of options in native glass, without having to go FF, are going to look first to the lines that have it.

I think Canon has really sold the M line short by their lack of development of better native glass. These would be great hiking cameras if there was a good native long tele zoom for them.

The 18-150 is perfect for that.

No effin way. 18-150mm is not a long lens. A long lens is 100-400mm.

I guess I will not be able to explain this to you. I spent a lot of time over in M43 land, and having native glass at 100-300mm and 100-400mm (200-600mm, and 200-800mm FF equiv), in a reasonably sized package was just lovely. Sure I can adapt an EF 100-400mm, but that kind of defeats the purpose of the smaller system......

Once you have used a smaller system that has native glass that is designed for it, you really can see the benefits of it, and going back to adapting glass that is not designed for the system is always, no matter how well it works, going to be less than optimal in one or more ways. If it doesn't matter to you, well, fine, but it clearly DOES matter to those who have chosen other systems, or would LIKE to choose Canon, but won't, because of it.


Oh, and PS:  I have an M50 now.  I did not get the M6II as I found it very uncomfortable in hand when I tried it in the store, and I vastly prefer an integrated EVF, not an attachable one. Fortunately, I also have an RP, so I can adapt the EF glass I have for it, so I do have a long enough lens for it...but I would LOVE a native 100-400mm, like I had in M43....AND a decent normal zoom.  The 11-22mm, which I got, is terrific, but the 15-45mm is just nasty looking, and I sure am not going to be buying an adapted lens for that focal range.  They really should have a higher end normal zoom available for the line....

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