Why most people seem to switch to Fuji's mirrorless than Canon's M series?

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Most? No. But...

Those who do, do it for the lens selection.

Similarly, those who choose Micro 43s also have a vast lens selection to choose from.

Canon has chosen to market the M line to entry-level, modest budget, users.  They do not have the native lens offerings for the M line that would appeal to higher end users, even though the cameras themselves, at this point, are very capable.

Sony did the same thing with their APS-C offerings.

The manufacturers who have other irons in the fire (FF with bigger profit margin lenses), tend to look at APS-C as an afterthought.  Since Fuji's major line is NOT FF, but APS-C, they only have one format to engineer their lenses for, so they built that selection out very thoroughly. (M43 also, although now that Panasonic has the FF SL series, who knows what they will do with the M43 lenses in future...) .  So, users who want a lot of options in native glass, without having to go FF, are going to look first to the lines that have it.

I think Canon has really sold the M line short by their lack of development of better native glass.  These would be great hiking cameras if there was a good native long tele zoom for them.  Similarly, a better quality, constant max aperture, wide to normal zoom would be a terrific option (say a 15-65mmm, or even just a better 15-45mm).   However, who knows what goes through the minds of the corporate marketing departments....


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